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Budapest Christmas Market 2019 2020

Budapest winter festivals range from cultural to food, music, or sports festivals in the winter season of November, December, January and February. Even though the weather is cold, the spacious festival venues and beautifully decorated squares allow locals to indulge in winter festivities to conquer the gloom of the cold and short days.

January Festivals

January Festivals in Budapest

Check the exact dates before attending.

International Circus Festival Budapest

Midnight Music Festival

Gluttonous Thursday

Stage Diving Metal Festival

Solo Duo Contemporary Dance Festival

February Festivals

February Festivals in Budapest

Check the exact dates before attending.

Budapest Mangalica Pork Festival

Magic Bath Party Festival

Budapest Carnival Parties


Budapest Christmas Market Advent Days TopBudapestOrg 2019 2020

Budapest has several fantastic Christmas markets. One of them, which stands out as the top, is the Budapest Christmas Market by the Basilica (aka St Stephen’s Cathedral), see the photo below.

Basilica Christmas Market Budapest

Basilica Christmas Market Budapest – Ildiko Kardos Photography

In 2019 / 2020, the Budapest Christmas market is open on Dec 31 and Jan 1 too. There are two nice markets next to each other and despite the Christmas holidays, the markets reopen on Dec 27 to keep open until Jan 1.

Budapest Christmas Market Vorosmarty Square

Budapest Advent Market St Stephen’s Basilica
On Dec 31 besides the usual nice programs, there is usually a charity event.

If you are enjoying your New Year break in Budapest, Hungary, visit the last days of the festive Budapest Christmas Market in the city center of Budapest on St Istvan Square. You can see the domes of the Basilica from far away on the flat Pest side of Budapest.

St Stephen’s Basilica is one of the top Budapest attractions.